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LISTENING HEARTS MINISTRIES holds a vision of the church as a community of faith, eager for God’s guidance, alert to signs of the Spirit and alive with the prayer of deep listening. For over twenty years, Listening Hearts has taught people the practice of spiritual discernment through prayerful listening in supportive communities by providing a range of programs, publications, and services.

Retreats that focus on call, discernment, and community.
Workshops that help groups use discernment in their specific situations.
Discernment training that teaches groups to work together in discernment.
Training of Leaders that prepares participants to train others in discernment.

New & Noteworthy

Suzanne FarnhamNew! Listening Hearts Introductory Video and YouTube Channel!

Have you been wondering about what Listening Hearts is all about, or wanting to share our method with someone new? Watch our new video and follow our YouTube Channel - and let somebody in on our newest tool to share the “good news” of Listening Hearts Ministries.

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A Day of Discernment: How to Listen to God’s Voice

This one-day program, designed for congregations, teaches the practice of spiritual discernment by helping each participant develop a clearer sense of God’s path around an issue of current importance in his or her own life. The program builds spiritual community by weaving together silence, song, Scripture, creative meditation activities and sharing in small groups. 

wooden gears mesh togetherAre  you experiencing conflict in your congregation? You are not alone: in a national survey,75% of congregations reported some level of conflict in the past five years. Of these, one-quarter had conflict serious enough to have a lasting impact on congregational life. We offer the "Opening the Ear of Your Heart" workshop to help you move beyond discussion and debate to tap into the healing power of God's love through deep prayerful listening and creative engagement with Scripture.


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The Listening Hearts Book Series

Listening Hearts
Grounded in God
Listening Hearts Keeping in Tune with God
Manual for Discussion Leaders
Retreat Designs
Grounded in God
Retreat Designs


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